Blog Update

Hello readers.

This year I’m in my final year of college and so I’ll need to study a lot. As well as that I’ll need to apply for university and that provides a lot of research. In short I’ll be very busy.  Read more

An Ode to Creativity

I don’t mean this as a brag, but over the past few months, I’ve discovered that I’m quite creative. I also really enjoy being creative and this world of creativity and art prompted a lot of thought about what kind of person I am because of it and what kind of person I want to be because of creativity.  Read more

New Beginnings: January vs September

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet for two weeks. I started college. Last week and these past two weeks have been in prep for college and all the waves of tasks that come with being in upper sixth. I’ve really missed writing the blog and I’ve missed you guys. I’m so glad to be back. 

This week’s post is something I’ve wanted to write for a while. Read more

Don’t forget to have fun with blogging

Why do people blog? To share their interests, to interact with a community, to express themselves in a way they may be unable to in real life. Whatever reason people blog, they all have one main aim in common; for people to see their content. So it can be frustrating when you’re pouring your heart and soul, all the love for your passion into a blog post and getting no engagement. No likes, no comments. Nothing.  Read more

The Monthly Notes- July + August 2020

The Monthly Notes are back in sync! Finally! 

 I often go back to What Olivia Did, the blog that inspired the Monthly Notes for inspiration. She put two months’ playlists in one post so I decided to do the same. So, I’m pleased to say that September’s playlist will be on time. Read more

Copyright Basics

A late night edition of the Musing Notes (I know it’s not that late).

First of all apologies for the late post. We were supposed to go out but we postponed it for tomorrow and I wasn’t really into writing today’s post. But I believe this post is important so here it is!

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My relationship with poetry over the years


  1. literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.
  2. a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion regarded as characteristic of poems.
  3. something regarded as comparable to poetry in its beauty.

All these definitions of poetry are perfect. Poetry is beautiful and it took me a couple of years to realise that. Yes, this is a hate to love story. I began to establish my opinion on poetry in Year 11, when I was doing poetry in English Literature but I decided to go further back and look at all the times I’ve looked at poetry in my life.

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Renewed focus on social media

Two weeks ago, I wrote about changing up my blog. I talked about re-evaluating the purpose of my blog and the approach. I reflected on my thoughts from when I had first started my blog and compared it to now. I mentioned specific things I’d be focusing on. One of those things was social media. Read More

The Monthly Notes- June 2020

(I really need to synch these playlists up…)

Hello readers, happy August! Though this isn’t the summer we wanted/expected, I hope you’ll find some way to enjoy yourselves. If during the peak of lockdown, you didn’t find a new hobby, you can use this time to do so. But if you don’t that’s fine. This year has been stressful for everyone so anytime you have to unwind, don’t waste it. You deserve it! Read more