What I wore on my first week of college

Hi readers!

First of all I hope you like my new design! Since starting this blog, I’ve only ever focused on quality content. I’ve only used one of  the default themes and my social media accounts have been working separately from my blog to bring readers from other places. I didn’t want to focus too much on social media and the look of my blog, I didn’t want to distract myself from quality content.

I’ve been blogging Read more


No place for a lonely blogger

Hi readers,

So sorry I didn’t post anything last week. I was on holiday in Skegness. It’s a wonderful town by the sea. I had a great time! Now onto this week’s post.

One of the many pieces of advice I read about blogging was to interact with other bloggers; read their posts, comment on them, follow them on social Read more

Does your blog niche really matter?

When I was learning about blogs, I came to understand that a niche is the topic your blog is about. Most blog have more than one niche. From the majority of blogs that I have read, I have deduced that the most popular niches are fashion, lifestyle and travel. So where does that leave me?

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Work experience at M.E.N

Happy Saturday!

Last Monday, 29th July, I had the pleasure of doing a day of experience at Manchester Evening News. It’s the best source for news in the Greater Manchester area.

Prior to this, I had been searching for work experience somewhere journalism related for about a year or so. The journey had ended when I went to Manchester Evening to enquire and my own work with an email. I received a very swift reply saying that they normally offer work experience to people who were further along in their journalism studies Read more

My career aspirations over the years

Hello readers! Happy Saturday!

If I’m going to be honest, I had no idea what I was going to write today. I wrote down at least eight blog post ideas( approximately two months worth of blog posts) Of course, it just HAD to go missing.

I’ve talked a lot about how the blog Read more

A Letter of Advice

Dear Sandra,

This is your second blog and another chance to write how you like(Readers will be informed on what happened with the first). As you restart your blogging journey, I would like to give you (us) the following advice.

Don’t focus so much on the aesthetic 

You must have spent hours drooling over all those beautiful blogs, so perfectly designed, fitting the blogger’s style Read more

Welcome to The Musing Notes!

Hello world! My name is Sandra and welcome to my blog, The Musing Notes!

If you have come across this post and been curious enough to read it (I thank you for doing so) you probably still have a lot of questions. I’ll be glad to answer all these questions.


As I’ve just said I’m Sandra. I’m 16 years old and I’ve just finished high school. Read more